Irecha Ceremony

Irecha is celebrated on Sunday that comes following Meskal, the finding of the True Cross. Irecha is one of the intangible heritages of the Oromo people. It is an open air festival where millions gather to thank “Waqa “or God. At State level Irecha is celebrated in Bishoftu Town in Oromia at Lake Hora Arsedi.

On the festival Community leaders and Aba Gada’s praise God for the blessed transition from the rainy season which is normally considered gloomy to the bright and colorful season autumn. The costumes the Oromo’s put on in different designs lend color to the vibe of the festival. This is one of the things that make the ceremony worth attending.

The celebration is an indigenous Oromo knowledge which has been practiced for centuries now.

Council Head underlines that Participants should come with cultural attires as well as with the understanding of such a great event helps regaining the Oromos identity and amplify the most democratic Gada System. It is important to note the Oromos celebrate the Irecha irrespective of their religious backgrounds. Whether they are Waaqeffataa, Christians or Muslims they participate in the festival. Irecha is one of the most colorful and beautiful Oromo National Cultural event that has been celebrated throughout Oromia. The main Irecha is going to celebrated on Lake Hora Arsedi, Bishoftu, Central Oromia, nearer to the capital by LakeHora-Arsedi in BishoftuTown

Irecha is celebrated as a sign of reciprocating God in a form of providing praise for what they got in the past. It is also a forum of prayer for the future. In such rituals, the Oromo gather in places with symbolic meanings, such as hilltops, riversides and shades of big sacred trees.

Irecha affords many things to the youth; it teaches how people must respect elders and nature. It is our identity and shows that Oromo are peace loving peoples living harmoniously with nature and other nationals. In my view, the festival creates an opportunity for the coming generation to follow the example of forefathers.”



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